Air freight

As demands for reduced transit times have grown, Richard Kempers has developed inbound and outbound air freight systems to complement our sea, road and rail services.

For those time critical and priority shipments we provide direct flights to all major destinations while using competitively priced consolidation flights for the less time sensitive shipments. We will also arrange aircraft chartering for those extra special shipments. Given our history and location, we are very focused on the airports of Amsterdam and Milan, from where we can offer you direct flights at very competitive rates. For all inbound flights we can count on our excellent network of agents throughout the world.


In order to handle your transports to your complete satisfaction, we make sure to know your specific wishes and demands «all the way». Flexibility is very important in a world that is constantly evolving and we believe you may expect nothing less from us as your service provider.

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Forward together

"We believe our clients are special, that they are our partners and by moving forward together, we all reap the benefits of that partnership"

Richard B. Kempers