As freight transport worldwide grows, pollution and congestion risks become a serious threat. Our aim is to reduce the adverse effects of transportation by using the least polluting and most energy efficient modes: ship and train for the long distance and road transport with modern trucks only for local deliveries.

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Our Sustainability Policy is based on the following principles:

  • Deliver sustainable transport and logistics solutions and methods focusing on environmental cost efficiency and service quality thus helping improve long term quality of life
  • Compliance with all applicable legislation, regulation and codes of practice
  • Creating longtime partnerships with customers and suppliers
  • Built to Last: ensure that Richard Kempers generates profits to allow re-investment and continued development of the business in order to serve customers and community also in the future
  • Provide a safe healthy and motivating working environment for our employees

Forward together

"We believe our clients are special, that they are our partners and by moving forward together, we all reap the benefits of that partnership"

Richard B. Kempers