Timeline Richard Kempers


Important events in the history of the company

1968 Mr. Richard Kempers (24) starts Internationale Expeditie Richard Kempers BV, in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands
1972 Mr. Jaap Zittema (future founder of Richard Kempers SA Chiasso in 1984) starts his career as the company’s third employee
1978 Richard Kempers Den Bosch BV – Middle East transport, warehousing and sea freight
1978 Movex BV , alliance of Dutch transporters for the purpose of transports on Iraq
1983 Richard Kempers International BV – transports on Turkey
1984 Richard Kempers SA, Spedizioni Internazionali in Chiasso, joint partnership of Richard Kempers and Jaap Zittema
1986 Hucom BV for the purpose of intermodal transport on Italy
1988 Richard Kempers Den Bosch BV moves to Rotterdam and continues under the name of Richard Kempers BV
1988 Richard Kempers Holding BV
1989 Richard Kempers Materieel, Papendrecht. Purchase, sale and maintenance of own fleet
1993 Purposely build new headquarters in Leeuwarden
1996 Richard Kempers Holding ceases to exist and Chiasso continues its activities as an independent private company
2003 Peter Zittema (26), son of Jaap, joins the board of directors
2010 Richard B. Kempers (18), grandson of the founder, joins our team
2018 We move to our new office in Balerna
2021 Barbara Kempers (54), daughter of the founder, joins our team as sales manager


Forward together

"We believe our clients are special, that they are our partners and by moving forward together, we all reap the benefits of that partnership"

Richard B. Kempers